St Paul's Walden Bury

This charming small stately home was the English home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother until she married. The 9th of 10 children, her brother's descendants now live here. A tour of the house will show visitors the beautiful 18th century hall and drawing rooms, now used for concerts and weddings. The later additions to the house of the dining room, billiard room and sitting room are mainly Victorian. The house was built by Edward Gilbert, whose notorious grand daughter Eleanor Bowes married John Lyon, Earl of Strathmore, hence the name Bowes Lyon.

The beautiful garden is based on a classical formal deisgn, long avenues of clipped beech hedges stretching out into the Hertfordshire countryside. It was laid out about 1720 when the house was built, and the original patte d'oie (goose foot) architecture has been retained. The hedges last for about 200 years. One of the features of the garden is the design for surprises: temples and statues appear unexpectedly as vistas open up. Each time you visit expect to find something new.

There is also a marvellous woodland garden with rhododendrons and magnolias that have grown up over the last 80 years. Carpets of snowdrops and bluebells cover the glades. Away from the shade of the trees are banks of daffodils followed by drifts of cowslips and other wild flowers in season.  

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Saturday 6th April 2019


Guided tour of St Paul's Walden Bury house, then introduction to the garden and walk at your pleasure.

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 St Paul's Walden Bury


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