Historic Hertford - Guided Tour

Learn about the siege of Hertford Castle, the Tudor palace and much more. Meet Samuel Stone founder of Hartford, Connecticut, Baron Dimsdale, a pioneering doctor and the scientist Alfred Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin.

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Historic Hertford - Guided Tour - Sunday 26th September

Autumn 2021 2pm-3.30pm

Look back at a millennium of the rich and eventful history of Hertford on this guided walk. Learn about the siege at Hertford castle, the Tudor palace and meet some historic Hertford residents.

This ticket will give two persons access to Historic Hertford Guided walk starting at Salisbury Square in Hertford at 2pm on Sunday 26th September. The walk will last an hour and a half. 

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Tuesday to Saturday 09.30 am - 5 pm

10-12 The Wash

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